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About about Budokan MMA

About Budokan MMA

Whether you want to excel in martial arts, keep fit, lose weight or just gain confidence, our instructors can help. Our head coach has 40 years of experience and our other coaches have numerous years ranging from 10 - 40 years all in various martial arts. We offer various classes which include; kids classes, women only and private sessions. So whatever your individual goals, feel free to get in touch.

What makes Budokan MMA different from alot of other martial art clubs is that you do not have to pay for your gradings, even when you reach black belt.

Training with us will allow you to increase your fitness, technique, power, speed, flexibility, stamina, conditioning and street awareness.


It’s best to wear something that is comfortable and loose. Don’t wear anything valuable incase it is stretched or damaged whilst training. T-Shirt and Shorts or Tracksuit bottoms are fine. Please also remove any jewellery.

The club Instructors will introduce themselves to you and answer any questions you may have. Everyone will then get on the mat and be guided through a warm-up to improve stamina and fitness. The classes themselves consist of demonstration and practice of the techniques of our system. The Instructors will then end the class by taking everyone through a brief cool down and stretches.

We try to keep prices down as much as possible in line with our policy of being an inclusive club. Costs are summarised as follows:

The costs of classes vary depending on whether you opt to pay monthly or per session.
Per month for training five days per week is £50.00 for Adults (16 years and above) and £40 for Juniors.
To pay per session it costs £5.00 for Adults and £4.00 for Juniors.

Club and Association Membership Costs:

£30.00 for Adults – This includes one years insurance with the A.M.A (Amateur Martial Associations).
£25.00 for Juniors – This includes one years insurance with the A.M.A (Amateur Martial Associations).
If you would like a club uniform we have good quality T-Shirts and Thai-Boxing Shorts in all sizes for £33.00.

You only have to become a member after a month of training at our club giving you plenty of time to see if training in Budokan Martial Arts is something you want to do.

No. Sessions are gradual and tailored to your individual abilities. Anyone can train, male or female, tall or short – Budokan Martial Arts is not about strength but relies on technique.

Just come along to one of the training sessions! No need to let us know beforehand.

It will take around five years of hard training up to three times a week to obtain the level of 1st Dan Black Belt with our club.

A grading syllabus is really only a reference guide to what a Student has learned in that style of Martial Arts. Although there are some specific requirements as to what needs to be learned for each grade, these are not absolute. Each Student or Instructor has their own personal abilities, physical attributes and their own personal preferences. Some Students and Instructors will be naturally better at kicking than others and some will prefer to use their hands. Many Students or Instructors will not be especially interested in hard sparring and prefer simply to become skilled without concentrating on the combat side of Martial Arts. These personal traits will determine how far each Student and Instructor progress in each aspect of their art. Martial Arts have many aspects and it is not necessary to excel in all of them (in fact it is extremely difficult).

Gradings at our gym are held three times a year and the student is assessed by either a Senior Instructor or the Chief Instructor.

The grading Student is required to demonstrate good techniques showing correct balance, agility, speed and power, in addition to understanding discipline and heart.