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About Budokan MMA

Whether you want to excel in martial arts, keep fit, lose weight or just gain confidence, our instructors can help. Our head coach has 40 years of experience and our other coaches have numerous years ranging from 10 - 40 years all in various martial arts. We offer various classes which include; kids classes, women only and private sessions. So whatever your individual goals, feel free to get in touch.

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I have trained in numerous different MMA gyms over the years and feel that Budokan MMA have a friendly atmosphere which allows you to be relaxed from day one. I've found that Budokan MMA has excellent trainers who would push me to reach my potential. It also allows me to train in different styles of martial arts which is good because I am not limited to what I can learn. Definitely recommended for anyone who would like to train to get fit or learn a martial art.
Last year I decided I wanted to take up martial arts as a way of staying fit and lively. I looked into different school's and do-jo's then i found budokan mma. As soon as I started training I received a very warm welcome from staff and students. The instructors are excellent and the standard of training is brilliant ive been with budokan for a while and will be there for a long time to come. highly recommend budokan ju-jitsu ten out of ten.
Budokan Martial Arts is a fantastic school for anyone of any age or ability. I have been attending classes there for over a year now and I have learnt so much. They have helped me develop as a person by helping me feel fitter, healthier and safer in the confidence of my own ability to defend myself if need be. In summary I would highly recommend Budokan Martial Arts to anyone as the staff and students in there are welcoming, patient and supportive to anyone who attends their classes.
Everyone was friendly here, instruction was very good with plenty of feedback from staff especially the bloke who teaches the kids class!!! technique and style in thai and grappling are very good and I emphasise technique as this is the focal point, all in all a good place to train for family and fighters alike!!!
I have a six year old daughter and wanted her to train in a form of martial art for self defence. Since she started she has became a lot more confident and I feel that mixing up both stand up techniques and ground work will become invaluable in her adult life if she would ever have to defend herself.

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